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The Guardian: Knitting
The Guardian: Artikel zum Thema Knitting:
Worshipful Company of Woolmen
Bri Nylon: Teenager stricken, Artikel von 1961
From the archive, 10 February 1961: Teenage knits: two thirds of teenagers are knitters, says survey, Originally published in the Guardian on 10 February 1961

“There are now various thick, chunky textures in 4-ply and double-knitting “Bri-Nylon” yarns. These are the most popular with impatient teenagers who must be wearing next week what they embark on this. It was shown that by knitting two shades of double-knitting yarn together a very good tweed effect can be achieved for making complete suits. Sales of “Bri-Nylon” yarns have increased sixfold in the past three years. The increase is attributed to their non-shrinking quick-drying qualities, and also to their extensive choice of colours. Nylon is easier to dye than many other fibres so that very varied range of tones can be achieved. From pastels to deep stained-glass window colours they all have excellent clarity. And the innate translucency of nylon gives white nylon knitting yarns particular advantage. The fashion show which followed the parade of hand-knitted clothes made a very strong feature of ready-to-wear “Bri-Nylon” knitwear, jersey dresses, and jumper suits. Teddy Tinling’s tennis dress in new sueded “Bri-Nylon” fabric (a loose-fitting Grecian tunic and very brief) was a preview of the entirely new look which will be unveiled at Wimbledon this summer.”


Knit your own cat

Jussuf stricken! Strick deine Katze 

Knit to Quit
Knit to Quit: Stricken um mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören
Vermietung auf Fair Isle
Kenntnisse im Mauern und Stricken erwünscht